One pound Fish Man Returns Pakistan


Pakistani fishmonger, Muhammad Shahid Nazir, who has just been given a record deal with Warner Music for his song One Pound Fish has been asked to leave Britain after it was found his visa has run out. Nazir has made the whole city dance on his tune as he hawked on the streets of London. The news about Shahid is like he has been asked to leave Britain as immigration officials came to know that the singer has run out of his visa.

One pound Fish Man to Return Pakistan Today

According to a news source, officials have asked the singer to take a flight back to his native country and return only after completing the paperwork. Nazir’s agent Samir Ahmed said,” He will be on a plane back to Pakistan on the 25th and when he will be allowed to return is uncertain”. “His song has really taken off but he needs his visa sorted out so he can come back and be a full-time performer,” he added.

The 31 year older got himself lifted to the height of fame after his video attracted more then 3.5 million YouTube views. Some simple lines went viral over the internet for more than a week. The lines were, ” Come on ladies, come on ladies! One pound fish. . . . Very, very good and very, very cheap. One pound fish!.” While singing, somebody made an amateur video of his jingle and posted it on YouTube.

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