Meesha Shafi On the Cover of NICHE Magazine


Meesha Shafi is becoming quite a dominant figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry. As of late, her success is a stranger to boundaries. Entering the Pakistani entertainment business as a bright young model, Meesha gradually pursued singing and did an amazing job at it. Who is not addicted to Coke Studio’s ‘Dashte Tanhai’ and ‘Jugni’ these days?

Meesha Shafi shocked her co-workers and fans when she was offered movie roles from not only Bollywood but also Hollywood. Now, the latest buzz surrounding the shocking diva is that she is featured on the cover of NICHE magazine; truly an honour for anyone belonging to the fashion industry. It should be recalled that Meesha Shafi started her career as a model and what better achievement for her career other than the photo shoot conducted by NICHE.

The girl was not alone as she was accompanied by Moin Khan, the co-ambassador of StoneAge. Heavy bikes, beautiful stallion, camping nature, you name it; the photo shoot had it all to express the stunning looks of the gorgeous Meesha. With eye-popping angles and photography expertise, it can be safely said that if looks could kill, Meesha Shafi would be a highly notorious killer.

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