Indian Designer Displays Sarees in Peshawar



“From rich, traditional heritage hand-work and embroideries, Nazakat Collection includes a stunning variety of woven and crafted saris,” states the talented Indian designer Kersi Dubash in an effort to bring out the very best of his work of fashion and art. If clothes are treasure, then the university town of the city of Peshawar just hit the jack spot as Dubash displayed his set of beautiful saris, shalwar kameez and his country’s expensive jewelry items for the public.

“When I first came to Peshawar, I brought four Lucknowi saris; they were appreciated so much that I decided to exhibit my line of clothing here,” states Dubash. It is interesting ti note that the talented designer is also a travel agent by profession as he gets inspired from various designs he observes from his frequent visits. As far as the Pakistani city of Peshawar is concerned, Dubash mostly contacts them by the use of internet.

“Peshawari women like to wear saris even though such saris are not available in their city,” says Dubash while feeling lucky about the sales of his beautiful and unique saris. “Before, they used to bring saris from Lahore and Karachi.” The exhibition overall was met with utter success and praise; quite an achievement for an outsider. “The material looks durable and the blend of traditional and contemporary styles in vibrant colours is innovative and attractive,” stated Sara Khan, a spectator.

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