Della Mae Arrives in Pakistan


Della Mae Arrives in Pakistan

All the way from the city of Boston from the United States of America, the bluegrass band Della Mae has arrived in Pakistan to rock the party. Della Mae is not just another ordinary band. What makes it unique is the fact that it comprises of five members which are all female musicians. Making their first mark in Fatima Jinnah University in Islamabad, the band quickly captured the hearts of many Pakistanis.

“Bluegrass comes from a hard place. It was originally played by people living in the mountains – people who were poor or those who worked hard for a living in America,” states Courtney Hartman, the lead guitarist of the all-female band. “As far as our music goes globally, it’s been amazing being here [in Pakistan] and playing music with the people and this is because our music comes from a deep emotional place in our lives.”

Other activities of the band in Pakistan includes its collaboration with the folk band Laal as both worked on a song titled ‘500 Miles/jab Koi Baat’. Regarding the song, new band member Celia Woodsmith states, “The song was popularized in Pakistan recently because some of our verses had been translated to Urdu.” The band has also performed with Abbas Ali Khan and Natasha Ejaz. With plenty of time in the country, who knows what other possible ventures they will have with other talented musicians in the Pakistani music industry? Only time can answer that question and hopefully soon.

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