Tanseer Daar to Release an Album with Guitarist Nabeel Nihal Chishti


Both the musicians are extremely gifted at what they do. Karavan band’s jewel Tanseer Daar is one of the most recognized hard rock vocalists in the country where as Nabeel Nihal chishti was with the rock band Aaroh as its lead guitarist. As of late, the two have decided to join forces and release an album as a collaborative effort. The album is yet to be named.

It was first reported by unconfirmed sources that the album will be titled ‘The Nabeel Nihal Project’ but that proved to be nothing but a mere rumor. Tanseer seems to be quite a busy musician these days as recently, he brought back three out of four original members from his band Karavan with what seems to be just live acts but not for an album.

Regarding the selection, Tanseer considers himself lucky as he stated, “Nabeel had just called me to sing one song for his album but he liked it so much that I ended up singing them all.” It is to be recalled that the band Karavan is set to make a reunion but with Tanseer’s commitment to the Nabeel, one can definitely expect a clash but the former has made it clear that the band is indeed a priority. “It’s just one project. Karavan is like my baby. The songs that we made run in my blood. It’s everything to me and it will always remain this way,” said Tanseer regarding his respective collaborations.

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