Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Declared The Winner of Sur Kshetra


Battle between Pakistan and India on music ground, which was started more then 2 months ago has been ended with a winner and proudly the winner is from Pakistan. yes!.. you heard that right. Nabeel Shaukat Ali, participant of Sur Kshetra from our very own city Lahore, after overtaking all the hurdles has lifted the winning trophy.

Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Declared The Winner Of Sur Kshetra

Not even the visible bias against the Pakistani singing team of Sur Kshetra could stop them from achieving glory. The news has been confirmed by Indian team leader Himesh Reshmeya. He tweeted in his twitter account as soon as the result were announced. Here is that,

In another tweet, Himesh elaborated his statement and said,

There were six contestants each from both teams. They were eliminated one by one and finally there were six finalists on the bench. Three from Pakistan and Three from India. Then finally the moment of pride came, when Nabeel was declared the winner.

Sur Kshetra, like some previous reality shows featuring pakistani contestants, could not evade controversies and humiliation to Pakistani participants. Let us hope, for some betterment in future.

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