Sur Kshetra’s Pakistani Team to feature in Jazba’s Music Video


sur kshetra's Pakistani Singing Team may feature in Jazba Music VideoNot even the visible bias against the Pakistani singing team of Sur Kshetra can stop them from achieving glory. The talented team of bright young singers, just waiting to show the world why they are dominant, are going to be featured in the Jazba’s new music video titled ‘Juro Gey Tu Jano Gey’. In the music video, they are not alone as they will be accompanied by the very man who always had faith in them and supported them throughout the show i.e. Captain Atif Aslam.

The shooting for the music video began on the 14th of November; which should be considered as a silver lining for the young Pakistani team seeing that even if the odds are stacked against them, they should be optimistic as Sur Kshetra is not the end of the road. Bollywood itself needs the taste of Pakistani music to survive and will hopefully get other opportunities to perform whether it is in India or Pakistan.

Along with Captain Atif Aslam, the music video features Mulazim Hussain, Imran Ali Akhtar and Nabeel Shoukat. Cheers for the Pakistani idols in Sur Kshetra.

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