Coke Studio Release Fourth Episode of Season 8


Coke Studio is set to release the 4th episode of Season 8 featuring ‘Kharhi Neem’ by Siege, ‘Aey Dil’ by Ali Zafar & Sara Haider, ‘Piya Dehkan Ko’ by Ustad Hamid Ali Khan feat Nafees Ahmed Khan (Sitar) and ‘Rabba Ho’ by Mulazim Hussain.

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The splendor of ‘Kharhi Neem’ lies in how the timeless Sindhi folk tune, originally sung by Mai Bhagi, and now performed by Siege, feels renewed. The house band really shines through within the interplay of the guitar as the track begins, and setting the rhythm with the string section providing the buildup. Junaid’s vocals team up with the drum assault from behind Aahad Naayani’s kit, making this an unrelenting track. The song switches gears altering the melody slightly as Junaid enters with an ‘Alaap’ fusing with the sounds of the Darbuka, and the energized crescendo, reminiscent of early Siege.

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‘Aey Dil’ opens with a purposeful, soothing sound of the piano, an indication of an everlasting track that is gloriously expressive in its simple chords and beautiful words. It’s not long before the melody of this romantic duet makes way for Ali Zafar and seamlessly introduces Sara Haider as a solo artist on Coke Studio. The mighty overdriven guitar solo sweeps the track between the classic pop/rock sounds of the bygone era. Over Sara’s gospel style vocals and Ali Zafar’s breathy voice, the song maintains a dreamy quality and a mesmerizing sway throughout the duration.

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It does not take many seconds to find the soul in ‘Piya Dehkan Ko’ with Ustad Hamid Ali Khan holding the musical reigns in his unrestrained style of singing,  featuring the otherworldly blend of power chords on Nafees Ahmed Khan’s Sitar. The track by Ustad Salamat Ali comes alive with Jaffer’s gentle piano swerving along the spry sounds of the Sitar and the light drum taps. In its glorious moment, the infectious groove of the raags precede a volcanic procession of jugal bandi creating an infinite feeling amidst the mesh of riffs, vocal jabs as the tune comes together, gripping the soul of the listeners.

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‘Rabba Ho’ begins with a simple note that crescendos into an enormous mountain of strings and rolling percussions. Mulazim Hussain’s vocal work is dynamic and honest – the perfect voice for the track’s instrumental barrage – as he swerves through the Rajasthani, Punjabi and Urdu lyrics with impeccable ease. In an orchestral climax, Sajid’s flute merge with the violin section, as the sound of the tabla and the Sitar resonates into a towering sound, all along Mulazim croons of love and longing in this classic love ballad.

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