Ali Zafar Played Rhythm Guitar for Brother Danyal at Beaconhouse Lahore


Ali Zafar playing Rhythm guitars for younger brother Danyal Zee[Lahore – PR] Ali Zafar recently visited his old school, Beacohouse, in Lahore where he had topped in his 10th grade. He was invited by the faculty to witness the “Battle of the Bands”, an event the school annually hosts where young budding rock musicians showcase their talent.

One such budding musician was also Ali’s younger brother Danyal, who while performing “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd invited Ali to join him on stage. Ali played the rhythm guitar for him while he Daniyal sang the lead. Later, as per tradition, Ali was invited to come on stage and say a few words. In his speech Ali appreciated and encouraged all participants and their performances. He also proposed that music be taught as a proper subject from the beginning in schools and that his school Beaconhouse, being one of the most progressive in Pakistan, should take the initiative.

He said, “Children are taught various languages, sciences and arts as subjects. Music is a language, a science and an art, then why not music also?” To this the crowd roared in appreciation. He also said that he wished to see both boys and girls learn and play music. Ali, who has long been advocate of human rights whether it pertains to filing petitions regarding the over-taxation of public entertainment events in Pakistan, or encouraging the Youth to do better at international forums like the Indian Youth Summit, has now taken upon himself the advocacy of a progressive and well-balanced education in Pakistan.

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