Humaima Malik in Cappadocia,Turkey for another Stellar Project



Humaima in Cappadocia Turkey

Globe trotter Humaima Malik is in Cappadocia, Turkey. Whether it is for business or pleasure, it remains to be seen. However, we can rest assured that she is probably hot on the tail of another stellar project, for the Pakistani beauty has yet to take time off from her busy work schedule.

Seen wandering the streets of the historic city of Cappadocia, she blended in well with the rest of the excited tourists. Cappadocia, whose history is replete with tales of Greek and Persian conquests, offers stunning scenery in close proximity to nature. The experience is made even more special with balloon rides around the great mountainous terrain, which show the city in all its majestic splendor.

Surrounded by such beauty, Humaima is staying in the same hotel which not only recently played host to a Monica Bellucci photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine, but has received many a Royal guest. In fact, one of Humaima’s entourage was overheard eagerly telling a friend that Humaima is staying in the same room that the Queen of Spain had when staying there on her last visit. Hollywood royalty, Nicholas Cage, also visited the site when shooting Ghostrider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. One can only imagine how great the experience is!

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