Jang Geo Group Owner serves Defamation Legal Notice to Pakistani Blogs


    The Chief Executive of Country’s biggest media Group, Mir Shakil ur Rahman, has sent legal notices to various Pakistani Blogs and Websites for defaming his reputation.

    Jang Geo Group Owner Defamation Legal Notice to Pakistani Bloggers

    Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, who is the Chief Executive and Editor in Chief of Jang Group of Newspapers, took the legal initiative against some mediocre Pakistani blogs, after they were found publishing the fake stories regarding him, getting married to a Morning TV show Host.

    For our readers’ information, the famous Morning TV show host, Shaista Wahidi, recently (and allegedly) got divorced from her husband. Taking this story ahead, some rumor mills and non-credible media blogs started spreading the rumors on internet about the alleged new marriage of her with the group chairman of Geo TV.

    The news spread like fire on internet and with its viral nature soon turned into a gossip post all over, which resulted in more and more people sharing it on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Various local blogs and media websites didn’t left behind and pushed the news without getting any proof or confirmation of the news. Up till now, the news story has been reproduced on 30 plus Pakistani blogs, forums and websites.

    The fake story not just affected thousands of fans of Shaista Wahidi, but also damaged the reputation of Country’s high esteemed media personality Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman. The morning Show host Shaista Wahidi also showed her concern about the news in her TV program. She asked her fans and audience not to get curious about her personal issues and that they don’t spoil her family life. She was disheartened on the fact that someone had posted a photoshopped image of Shaista with Mr. Rahman on her son’s facebook profile.


     Geo Group Owner starts Jang with Bloggers!

    On behalf of Mr Rahman, the legal notices for defamation were served to various Pakistani Blogs by Karachi Based commercial law firm, Ahmed and Qazi. The notices were served to the domain name owners, with their contact whois details. The notices just didn’t ask for the removal of defamatory content, but also asked to disclose any proof of the stories published on the alleged websites. That is just not all! The legal notice demands alleged websites to publish an apology on all mediums, i.e blog/website/fanpage, at which the defamatory content was posted.

    And lastly, perhaps for the first time ever in Pakistan, Web Publishers and bloggers are asked to pay a sum of Rs. 1 Billion ( 1,000,000,000 rupees) being the amount of damages as compensation for the loss of reputation of The Media Owner.

    (we cross checked the 9 zeros 10 times to confirm that it was really a billion)


    What the alleged Websites/Blogs/Bloggers are upto now?

    The notices started getting served to website owners on Friday, October 5th 2012. And some blogs also received the legal notice via email on 6th October. Amazingly, those who are served with these notices are probably not aware of its consequences, as the defamatory content is still published and available on their websites and not many have apologized publicly for posting a rubbish story without any proof and evidence.

    This is an exclusive news story broken by Pakium.com , keep checking this space for the follow up of this news.

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