Petition by Pakistani Private TV Channels push PEMRA to Ban Foreign Channel


    The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is worth praising. Banning television channels which show Indian serials filled with 95% suspense of screening faces with screams at the background and 5% story is a perfect example how well is PEMRA at its job. It should be recalled that no television channel of India or the shows are allowed to be broadcasted in any part of Pakistan, the same is the rule in India where Pakistani Channels are not allowed to be broadcasted.

    Recently, PEMRA ordered the Pakistani media not to promote the latest Salman Khan flick ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ due to its anti-ISI motives and theme. The restriction resulted in the film’s limitation of not being screened in the cinemas of Pakistan and now, PEMRA has taken another bold step.

    A foreign channel which aired Indian serials continued to do so after being warned by PEMRA. Therefore, after a petition filed against the channel by Express Entertainment, ARY Digital, Hum TV, TV One and Geo Entertainment, it was banned by PEMRA – an extremely necessary and wise decision. Good to see that in a country where law and order is highly recognized, at least some companies are exhibiting professionalism and doing not what the people want, but doing what is the right thing.

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