National Protest disrupts Jono Manson’s Pakistani Project


Not many Pakistani rookies get the chance to work with international artists but the new band Jamshoro based sufi folk rock band, The Sketches got possibly their biggest break to date as they got the chance to work with none other than Jono Manson. Going down the memory lane, Jona Manson sang the track titled ‘Almost Home’ for Kevin Costner’s 1985 post-apocalyptic epic film, The Postman. However, due to the national protest ignited by the trailer titled ‘Innocence of Muslims’, their project had to call it a day.

“While we were in the deserts of Sindh, I felt no sense of threat whatsoever till we turned on the television and saw the news,” Jono Manson recalls the incident and further states, “So we decided just in case things get worse and anti-American sentiments grow, I should leave — there’s no room for music, in times of protest.” During Manson’s stay at Sindh, he was approached by government officials who started questioning him. Shocked about being tracked, the American singer became uncomfortable and decided to leave the country.

“It’s important for your readers to understand that an average American has nothing but respect for Islam,” the American musician has immense respect for Islam and further added, “We want nothing more than for everyone to live in peace — this is the truth, as I see it every day.”

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