Mahira Khan having No Bollywood Plans


Mahira Khan is truly the most valuable pearl in the Pakistani Entertainment industry. After her magnificent performance in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol and the insanely popular drama ‘Humsafar’, the big question surrounding the bright actress is whether she will ever enter Bollywood or not.

As an answer, Mahira has unfortunately stated, “I don’t want to be a Bollywood star for sure because the kind of stardom that we get from Pakistan, I am very happy with that. So becoming a Bollywood actress is not something I am aspiring to do.”

Bollywood is certainly notorious for offering Pakistani personnel for their work which ranges from soundtrack to main character. Veena Malik, Salma Agha, Ali Azmat and Ali Azmat are few of the many ‘chosen ones’. However, when it comes to the case of Mahira Khan, she aims to be limited to the television and has no plans to star in a movie. She explains, “Also in Pakistan, movies are not bigger as our industry is not that big. One movie coming out in five years is not tremendous. What we have is TV, which is at par. Stars [in Pakistan] are TV stars, so I am enjoying that and honing my skills as an actor.”

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