Iman Pasha Talks About Her Multi-works


If there is a model in the Pakistani fashion industry who completely defines being multi-talented in different varieties of fashion and glamour, then she is none other than the beautiful Iman Pasha. The model has her own company that helps people of all ages and sizes with their fashion sense. Iman Pasha states, “I work with all sorts of budgets and all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions.”

What makes Iman Pasha unique in the Pakistani fashion industry is her ability to view the “fashion” from the “fashion-less” and make even the simplest things fashionable. No wonder she has a big name in the industry. The bright model expresses her interest in over-sized shirts and white T-shirts – something which is not much common in the fashion industry but when it comes to the case of Iman Pasha, simplicity is fashion to say the least.

As far as her favourite items are concerned, she loves red lips, experimental up-dos and box clutches. Despite being a fan of high heels like most of the typical Pakistani models, she prefers brogues. With a big name in the industry which most of the veterans still dream to achieve, hopefully Iman Pasha is here to stay.

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