Watch T20 World Cup 2012 Live with Ali Zafar in Sri Lanka (Courtesy of Lay’s)


Time sure flies, it was in 2009 that Pakistan had won the second T20 world Cup and people rejoiced in the streets of Pakistan with utmost joy and delight. All done, for the trophy that entered Pakistan led by Younis Khan – the only cup to enter after Imran Khan’s, in 1992.


3 years down the lane, and we’re almost there again. Another T20 World Cup coming up in Sri Lanka, another chance for the Pakistani cricket team to excel to victory amongst others, and another occasion for fans all over Pakistan and the world to gather together in excitement and anxious – with hopes pinned to the national team.

Pakistan goes up against New Zealand on 23rd Sept 2012 (9th match) and Bangladesh on 25th Sept 2012 (12th match), the fate of Pakistan lies in the outcome of these 2 matches. Considering their recent performance in the T20 matches against Australia, hopes to see another T20 Cup entering Pakistan has risen to its very peak.

This time round, all these hopes fall on the shoulders of captain, Muhammad Hafeez to lead the Pakistan team to a glorious win as did previously on Younis Khan. Hoping that the performance of the team goes as well as the recent T20 matches held in UAE, and equally exciting as the Pakistan vs. Australia end, all our prayers are with the green team!

In line with the T20 hype going on everywhere, in ads, TVCs, etc. Lay’s Pakistan also brings a campaign for everyone to enjoy. A Facebook campaign in line with its previous success (Lay’s Flavor Cup) – Lay’s Wavy Flavor Challenge.

Ali Zafar in Lays TVCThrough this, participants have a chance at winning 10 Lay’s branded T-Shirts (daily)! Is that all? Of course not! There’s also an LCD TV waiting for its rightful owner. And the crème de la crème, the chance to watch the match, live in Sri Lanka, with none other than Ali Zafar himself!

So grab your favorite flavor of Lay’s Wavy, bite into the crunchy goodness and log on to These awesome prizes are waiting and so is Ali Zafar!

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