Men’s Fashion Week Postponed


It’s indeed a shame. Despite getting much anticipation and appreciation, the first ever Men’s Fashion Week has been postponed. The creative director of Men’s Fashion Week Muneeb Nawaz, though not happy with the decision, indeed feels that it was a necessary step. On a bright side, it has been confirmed that the eventual Men’s Fashion Week is indeed postponed but not cancelled.

The event was indeed a much anticipated one as it was guaranteed to have many of the biggest male names in the Pakistani fashion industry wearing the latest fashion trends and the hottest brands both belonging to India and Pakistan.

The date of the Men’s Fashion Week is expected to be announced soon and will be held at Expo Center, Karachi. Hopefully, Muneeb Nawaz will not disappoint his dedicated fans next time and will make sure that the wait for the first ever Men’s Fashion Week was indeed worth it. Best of luck for Nawaz, his fashion team and most importantly: all the male models participating in the grand event.

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