Comedian Iftikhar Thakur’s Facebook Account Hacked, Again!


If there is any comedy stage actor in Pakistan who grasps the audience’s attention by storm and leaves them with a strong desire of wanting for more, then he is none other than Iftikhar Thakur. Due to his ever increasing popularity, he decided to personally stay in touch with his fans by adding them in his facebook account; which ultimately lead to his account being hacked.

Surprisingly, that is not the first time the facebook account of the popular stage actor has been hacked as a source revealed that it was the 35th time that his account was hacked. Iftikhar Thakur stated to local Urdu Daily, “My Facebook ID has been hacked once again…it has also increase problems for me and for my fans because I am used to talk with my fans on FB.”

Considering the fact that his life is indeed a progressive one – starting off his professional career in a motor workshop and then moving to the world of comedy – he is definitely worth exploring and regarding what he is best at, a large fan following has been gained by him but unfortunately, that lead to his account being hacked again.

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