Katrina Kaif turns down Rs 25 Million Pakistani Offer


Rs 25 Million – that’s a lot of money; too much for an ordinary person, but certainly not for a big time celebrity like the bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif. That is like a daily wage to people like her. Over the years, various hot shot Bollywood A-listers have been offered and requested to come in Pakistan for special appearances, promote a particular brand, dance performances in weddings etc. Though some of them accept the proposal for a handsome amount of money but if there is one star who holds the reputation of always rejecting Pakistani offers, it is definitely Katrina Kaif.

The deal was from a rich media house owner from Karachi who desired to have Katrina as his guest. Is that all? No way! Katrina was also offered an endorsement deal with his brand along with being a guest. All that for a total Rs 25 million but Katrina turned down the offer.

It is no surprise that Katrina Kaif declined the offer since she declines all of them from Pakistan. Considering the fact the tension between the two countries ever since their creation, most of the big names and veterans in Bollywood have still not come to Pakistan and Katrina Kaif is no exception.

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