Shayar: a Tribute to Ahmed Faraz by Sarmad Faraz [REVIEW]


August 25th marked the fourth death anniversary of undoubtedly the most influential poet the nation has ever seen: Ahmad Faraz. The legacy lives on as his son, Sarmad Faraz – member of the rock band Corduroy – released a new music video called “Shayar” as a tribute for his late father. Since the poem was the pilot for the legendary poet’s very first published book “Tanha Tanha”, Sarmad was not at all hesitant about giving it a shot for the tribute.

The music video has a Corduroy touch as it has various rock elements in it such as heavy beats and guitaring. The video features clips of Ahmad Faraz at the time of his prime, people reading his book “Tanha Tanha” and voices of the poet himself. The video is directed by Ali Maqbool and audio production by none other than Sarmad Ghafoor.

Another reason for choosing this particular poem is that Sarmad strongly believes it to be a motivational one as he states, “This poem discusses the role of a poet and his transformation from being an entertainer for royalty to becoming a loud, determined and powerful voice for the common man. It’s about motivation, bringing about a change and challenging ones fears.”

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