“Farebiyan Di Rani” by Sonu Dangerous [REVIEW]


After having a reputation of an amazing break dancer trying to make it big in the music industry but to no avail, Sonu Dangerous was determined to prove everyone wrong and show the people how ‘dangerous’ he can be. Following a few years of keeping his profile low in the music industry, Sonu has finally made his comeback with the song titled “Farebiyan Di Rani”.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]vrm-Nhbtto4[/youtube]

The dancer has quite impressively improved over the years in singing and to prove that fun and games are over. His new music video seems like a highly expensive one which features him as a ladies man in a fancy dress, fancy car, attending a ball and most importantly – as the name of the song suggests – shows how deceitful a girl can be in a relationship. As a vocalist, Sonu has shown that the Pakistani music industry is his home now as not even a Facebook LIKE button is big enough to admire his improvement in singing. As far as dancing is concerned, the stage will always belong to none other than Sonu. Due to immense “bling bling” and captivating vocals, the song is overall an A+.

The music video is directed by Raza Shah and produced by Ali Mustafa and Sonu himself. With his name cemented in the country’s music industry, it won’t be a surprise if he eventually becomes the new face of Pakistani pop music.

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