“Khushi – A song for Taleem Sab Ke Liye (Official Music Video)


Track : Khushi

Video : Usman bin Omar Khurrum Dossani

Editing : Usman bin Omar

Vocals : Sinnan Fazwani Areej Iqbal Qureshi Aly Hassam

Lyrics and Guitar : Mustafa Macdi

Drums and Percussion : Khizer Khalid

Keyboards : Sinnan Fazwani

Production: Khizer Khalid and Sinnan Fazwani

Final mixing and Mastering :Dreadnaught Productions

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]qRdNzT7qGmM[/youtube]

TSKL is a branch of registered NGO, “House Of Dreams”, started by the students of Nixor college and an initiative that aims to educate as many Pakistanis as possible. What sets TSKL apart is that we believe in not limiting education

to any specific age, in fact we believe in education for all. Education is a fundamental right of every human being and hence we set to provide it in every way possible through our projects. We work to instill within them the education that is required to overcome any obstacle that life may present.
Along with being an entity that promotes education, TSKL is also a movement. a movement that centers around the basic idea that for the first time in a very long time the youth of Pakistan has taken a stand on its own, everything that TSKL does is headed by a young Pakistani. We believe that supporting this entity will be supporting education, and also encouraging young Pakistanis to take their own stand.


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