Mahnoor Baloch in Hollywood Movie TORN [Pictures/Film Trailer]


Following the news that Pakistani TV Actress Mahnoor Baloch has been featured in a Hollywood Movie, we have got some pictures and snapshots from the movie.

The movie is titled as “TORN” and Mahnoor will be playing the role of Maryam, a mother. The movie tells the story of Two mothers from very different Worlds, bond after their teenage sons are killed in an explosion at a suburban mall, only to discover one of their sons is the prime suspect.

Starring : Mahnoor Baloch, Dendrie Taylor, Faran Tahir, Sharon Washington, and John Heard Directed By Jeremiah Birnbaum

Produced By : Michael Richter, Jeremiah Birnbaum, James Burke, Shoieb Yunus, and Jawad Qureshi

The movie is slated to release in 2013-14

Updated: Movie Trailer for Torn Movie featuring Mahnoor Baloch and her husband Faran Tahir is OUT. Watch below:

Watch some snapshots from the movie below:

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