Ayesha Sana Protests Against Threatening Phone Calls


Famous TV Actor and Ex Host of PTV’s morning show is now in the spot light. The news is like, she is being harassed by threatening phone calls but she would surrender rights of her child.

In an Interview with The Gaibian Post, she said, for those who are going insolent on her, she just wanted to say that,” I know how to defend myself and get my right.”

Ayesha had a press conference last month, in which she demanded president and the prime minister to take action over high-handedness of  PTV’s managing director Yousuf Baig Mirza.

Sana said that she had married to Mirza and gave birth to a baby, now she was threatened by Mirza’s Ex wife for revealing the birth of the child, which her husband, Mirza has refused to own.

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