Sana Nawaz Khan Joins ‘Susral Gainda Phool’


In a land where the film industry is not appreciated, some still manage to make it big. The case is the same with the sizzling hot actress Sana Nawaz Khan as she will be no onwards performing live in the drama ‘Susral Gainda Phool’. It should be noticed that A Plus can now boldly claim itself to be the first channel to revive live drama during a live show.

For those unfamiliar with it, it is A Plus’ live drama act which is shown at the morning show ‘Subh Ki Fiza’. ‘Susral Gainda Phool’ is more than your average drama in its own right as well as it involves some elements from Hum TV’s most successful drama serial ‘Humsafar’ such as focusing on personal issues concerning with in-laws.

The show is unique in the sense that the cast is chosen by the choice of the dedicated fans and with the addition of the hot Sana Nawaz Khan, the show will eventually reach no where but up. However, the number of her anticipated appearances is limited as she will perform for only three days in her new show. Do not take your eye off ‘Susral Gainda Phool’ to catch the performances of the beauty that is Sana.

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