Manzar Sehbai to Sue Lux Style Awards


Actor Manzar Sehbai may have won the award for Best Film Actor and one might think that the actor will be proud of himself and pay regards to the Lux Style Awards but shockingly, it looks like that the actor’s portrayal of the angry and furious Hakim Father has come to life as he plans to sue the Lux Style Awards after returning to Pakistan.

Apparently, the actor has greatly been offended by the fact that the management of the Lux Style Awards has written the incorrect spelling of his father’s name. The last name of the actore is Sehbai but the management wrote it as Shebhai . Not only that, but Manzar was also angry because the LSA never contacted him for the awards ceremony.

The award was accepted by Mahira Khan (who portrayed his daughter in ‘Bol’) on his behalf but Manzar has been offended by this act too as he desired that Sarmad Sehbai (his brother) accepts the award on his behalf. Shockingly, Manzar has stated, “Mahira is more than a daughter to me but I never wanted her to receive the award on my behalf.” Call it crazy but much like his character as the Hakim, the anger and frustration of the actor himself are indeed questionable.


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