‘Par Mein Hoon Ruka Sa’ by Abbas Ali Khan [Review]


After an absence of seven long years, the heart capturing Abbas Ali Khan is back with a bang. Just when it seemed like that the Pakistani music industry has hit rock bottom, Abbas Ali khan tied up his boots and returned to the court where he belongs. With his new single ‘Par Mein Hoon Ruka Sa’, Abbas Ali Khan has been in the eye of every music fan in Pakistan.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]MBqPNAAMhKU[/youtube]
Unlike the previous songs, it is unique due to its simplicity – something which even most of the talented singers fail to achieve but nothing that a veteran like Abbas Ali Khan cannot handle. Regarding the theme of the song, Khan reveals, “It’s about a moment of numbness that everyone has experienced at least once in life,” says Abbas, adding that “it is the feeling of time stopping and depersonalisation.”

Regarding the simplicity of the song, it solely has soothing acoustic guitar played at the background by Sarmad Ghafoor. Khan is confident that the uniqueness of his song lies in its simplicity. The song is definitely worth listening for not just the fans of Blues but for any music fan who has been a victim of depression in life. The song has received an incredible feedback. In fact, legend Adnan Sami personally complimented his song on Facebook. If the song is good enough to make Adnan compliment about it, then it has definitely done all it needs to leave a mark in the Pakistani music industry.

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