Atif Aslam upsets Asha Bhosle with his rude arguments


Another Indo-Pak Clash: Atif Aslam vs Asha Bhosle

atif aslam upsets asha bhosle in Sur Kshetra recordingsWhenever a face-off occurs between a Pakistani and an Indian, be it politics, sports or any other field, fireworks are bound to happen. The fireworks ignited once again recently in a reality show involving the legendary singer from India, Asha Bhosle and the Voice of Hearts from Pakistan, Atif Aslam. The hot word flying around the ignition is that the two engaged in a verbal fight during the singing show Sur Kshetra produced by Boney Kapoor.

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The show involved two teams from Pakistan and India led by Atif and Himesh Reshammiya, respectively and three judges: singing legends Asha Bhosle, Abida Parveen and Runa Laila. When the judge Bhosle openly expressed her opinion about a contestant from Atif’s team, the leader strongly retaliated and showed a complete disregard for both the age and respect factor for the veteran to the point of threatening to walk out if his member is not allowed to compete for the next round.

As a judge, Bhosle stood by her decision with the belief that if he is allowed to proceed, then it is injustice for the other participants. Observing how rude Atif is, Bhosle walked out and returned back to Mumbai with no desire to continue the show. Following the endless efforts by producer Kapoor to make peace between the two, Bhosle returned back to Dubai and successfully managed to continue the rest of the show’s episodes.

We think, It is not something to feel proud of and Atif should really apologize for his behavior. While it should also be noted that earlier Asha Bhosle had given rude remarks against Atif Aslam in a reality TV show. It is also believed that offensive behavior of Atif Aslam might be in retaliation to that. Still, he should come forward, apologize and show some respect to the veteran singer! Else, his image will be badly destroyed by Indian Press.

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