Dr. Amir Liaquat returns back to GEO, MR JEEM thinks we are CHAY


    Aamir Liaquat back on GEO TV networksWith so much regret, I am here to share the news story that is so devastating in nature that it is teasing the soul of not just thousands, but millions of Pakistani TV viewers worldwide. The so-called religious scholar and PHD doctor Aamir Liaquat has made a comeback to GEO TV networks.

    After the leaked “Aamir Liaquat real face video” released last year, in which he was found using profanity, the doctor has successfully managed to get back to his REAL CHANNEL. Aamir Liaquat who was serving as an MD of Islamic Channel QTV , resigned from his current designation at QTV before moving back onto its old network.

    Ramadhan Aamir Liaquat Hussain Ke saath!

    It is being said that GEO TV has brought Aamir Back into the network to use his “hosting kills” during the holy month of Ramadhan. As he is known for breaking TRP records during Ramadhan (with his spiritual duas and heavenly Naat recitation) he is considered the hottest commodity that sells well. It is now up-to the advertisers and marketing companies of Pakistan how they decide to invest money on the back of some one whose image is tarnished so badly.



    I could skip this update or might have written a tone down version of this blog if GEO TV hadn’t made that new “music video” featuring Aamir Liaquat as new vocalist. Since I woke up today and tuned Geo Tv channels, they are consecutively showing that promo, featuring the great voice of Aamir Liaquat, as if Pakistan has won against Sri Lanka. Seeing Aamir singing and moving onto Karachi roads, that too consecutively on screen , is now feeling like a slap on my face. It is requested to the channel representatives NOT TO PUSH such appointment in THAT frequency that it pisses us all off. PEACE.

    Here is the annoying video that has already gained 125 dislikes on it within few hours of its upload:


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