Red Bull Street Style 2012 Karachi qualifiers Event held in Royal Rodale


Red Bull Free Style 2012 Karachi qualifier EventPakistani youth may be the die-heart fan of Cricket but it looks like that it is all about to change due to a recent magnificent never-seen-before football event in Karachi. The ceiling of the Royal Rodale Club exploded due to the enthusiasm and energy of the crowd that was enjoying the Red Bull Street Style 2012 Karachi qualifiers.

Those unfamiliar with the uniqueness of this one kind of an event, it is a competition for the young generation to show their gymnastics and rhythmic moves with a football. The event was a tremendous success and so was the performance of the participants. According to one of the participants, the event focused less on football and more about acrobatics, dancing and “expressing yourself.” The energetic 32 participants were given a time limit of three minutes to show off their skills and creativity with one football.

“We don’t get many events like these around here,” said a 20 year-old attendee Emad. He further added, “There is a lot of talent in Pakistan, but real dearth of platforms for highlighting them. Among the attendees, a former football player Ali (currently working in finance) stated, “It is amazing how talented these youngsters are. It makes me wish there was a platform such as this while I was still playing (football). If there were, for all you know, I might have chosen a different career path.”

The event was greatly appreciated all over Karachi and met with quite a positive feedback. The lucky winner from the event will be granted the opportunity to go to Italy in order to qualify in the final round against several freestylers from over 60 countries. It surely is a matter of pride for Pakistan to see what the young generation can accomplish at their level.

Check out the video below to see the Karachi based freestylers in action:

Video courtesy: Express Tribune

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]papaYGWurow[/youtube]

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