Standing ovation for Mud House and the Golden doll


mud house and the golden dollA lot of expectations were associated with the new 100 minute movie ‘MudHouse and the Golden Doll’ and the movie has lived up to the hopes of the audience. Hamza Ali Abbasi has proved himself as the most talented and young film maker/actor who made the crowd appreciated the movie by giving it a standing ovation.

According to Hamza, the film was a learning experience for him and he was nervous about the reaction but the standing ovation said it all for him. The first day of screening has bought a ray of hope for our film industry as lot of talented young directors has taken control of the reigns of this sector. The movie is based on a realistic character that lived in Multan and was known as ‘Malang’ by the local resident. The 100 minute film explores the unexceptional bonding between a mad man and a young girl, the entire story revolves around their ‘innocent friendship’ that has been taken at a wrong angle by society’s hawk eyes.

This learning experience for Abbasi has given a hope for the revival of Pakistani cinema. The movie will be distributed in cinemas of different cities this week.

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