PEMRA Bans Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Ramzan Transmission ‘Ramzan Hamara Emaan’



Hamza Ali Abbasi started hosting the Ramzan Transmission for the very first time this year, along with Actress Ayesha Khan on AAJ News. But when he raised a controversial topic, many raised eyebrows and criticised Abbasi for speaking his mind on an issue which is considered Taboo in our society.

Seeing the fierce reaction from TV audience and after receiving several complaints online, PEMRA has now stopped Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayesha Khan’s Ramazan transmission ‘Ramzan Hamara Emaan’.

During his Ramzan Transmission actor and social activist, Hamza Ali Abbasi questioned about the oppression on Ahmadi Community by State.

Watch below the video clip where he discussed the issue:

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