Pakistani Director wins “Best Documentary Short award” at the World Television Awards


Pakistani Producer Rehan Ahmed receiving the certificateKarachi, May 11, 2012: Rehan Ahmed, a producer/director at HUM Network Ltd has been bagged the “Best Documentary Short award” at the World Television Awards organized every year by the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting.

Rehan is a TV producer/director at HUM TV and has an extensive portfolio producing documentaries, television serials and morning shows for the network. He was nominated and sponsored by the media conglomerate to attend a 3-day workshop held by the AIBD in April. The workshop focused on raising awareness amongst the participants about the depletion of the ozone layer and what individuals in the media industry can do to create awareness in their respective regions, motivating people to take responsibility for the environment by boycotting products and equipment that contain chlorofluorocarbons.

The workshop was attended by participants from 18 countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, France and Myanmar. On returning to their respective countries the participants had a few weeks to develop and produce video work aimed at raising awareness about the ozone problem. The resulting videos were entered into a competition against others in their category.

Having experience in documentary-film making, Rehan chose the format of a documentary short. His ten- minute long film titled ‘Ozone- The Human Factor’ was funded for him by the HUM TVand revolved around a teenager convincing her parents that buying electronics that emit CFCs endangers the world that we live in. The short was picked up as a clear winner by a seven-member jury featuring prominent film-makers from seven countries including India.

Rehan said he was proud of himself and his employers for bringing home another international award for a documentary film, hot on the heels of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s award. He will be leaving for Malaysia at the end of May to receive his award  and attend a ceremony honouring the winners of the competition.

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