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Entity Paradigm Band's first line upINTRODUCTION:

Entity Paradigm is a Pakistani rock band, possibly consisting of one of the most talented musicians in the country. Their music genre consists of creative combinations of Rock, Pop and Hip Hop. EP was born as a combination of two different Underground Bands that composed the title song for Indus Vision‘s popular sitcom Jutt and Bond. The band received recognition in the Pakistan’s music mainstream after coming out short in the final showdown of Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands in 2002. The competition helped the band to gain a lot of fans because of their talent and passion for music.


Entity and Paradigm were initially two different bands. During 2000, Ahmed Ali Butt (lead vocalist of Entity) and Fawad Afzal Khan (lead vocalist of Paradigm) were starring in Indus Vision’s sitcom Jutt and Bond. The two men decided to get their bands and compose a title song for the sitcom. The bands came up with a song called Hamein Aazma. In 2002, the Underground Bands from all over Pakistan received an opportunity to be the next big thing in the music industry by competing in Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands.

EP band performing in Pepsi Battle of the bands in 2002

Since the two bands never composed an independent song and time was running short, they decided to team up and use Hamein Aazma as a collaborative effort and thus Entity Paradigm was born. With their heavy influence of western bands (like Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Rage Against the Machine, Tool etc.), EP showed that there is always strength in numbers as the band managed to make it to the finals (but eventually lost to the band, Aaroh). EP didn’t feel it as a loss as the band gained a lot of fans and continued their game.


For the next five years, EP became one of the greatest bands in the Pakistani music industry. Their music talent and combinations of different music genres allowed them to reach brilliant success in no time. The band travelled all across Pakistan promoting their music which became very popular among the teenagers of Pakistan.

The band released hit album titled Irtiqa consisting of eleven tracks focussing much on heavy guitars and drums namely Waqt, Hamesha, Aghosh, Kahan Hai Tu etc. Their songs topped various music charts and that was no surprise for EP.

The band also performs various songs of western bands namely System of a Down, Tool, Race against the Machine, Limp Bizkit etc.

Click to download EP’s Album Irtiqa, Cover Songs, and Live and Unplugged tracks


The band consisted of eight, later seven, members and it was not always easy for them to cooperate. In early 2007, the members were facing different struggles personally and professionally as they were pursuing and concentrating on other projects. Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi (lead guitarist and vocalist) was also the lead guitarist of Rock band Call, Waqar Ahmed Khan (drummer) went to Australia, Fawad owned a studio etc.

The members were not functioning as a band. They were functioning individually and in 2007, the band decided to call it a day with just one album released that year. This gave the band time to concentrate on their other projects.


The disbandment was surprisingly not much of a disappointment for the band members as Fawad starred in the second highest Pakistani grossing film Khuda Kay Liye. Ahmed worked for different television channels like Wikkid, The Musik (now ARY Musik) etc. Xulfi and Waqar joined another rock band Call and released a really successful album Jilawatan. Waqar soon left the band then along with Ahmed, Salman Albert and Hassan Khalid formed a new band called Rubberband. Although they were working individually however they were still in touch with each other (the spirit of EP was still alive).


After the two years of absence, five of the original band members performed at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). EP rocked the night and sounded as great as ever.

Entity Paradigm comeback and reunited

The new line up consisted of Fawad as the lead vocalist, Salman as the lead guitarist, Ahmed as the keyboardist and vocalist, Waqar as the drummer and Hassan as the bass and rhythm guitarist. Zulfi and Sajjad Ali Khan decided not to return.

[ Watch EP Band’s comeback concert video ]


The band is currently working on their second album which is expected to be released in December 2012. The band has also been featured in the third season of Coke Studio which includes the likes of various other mainstream artists of Pakistan namely Atif Aslam, Arif Lohar, Abida Parveen, Noori, Karavan, Gumby etc.

On the 13th of August 2010, the band released the video of the first single Shor Macha of their second album. The song was very patriotic and gave a message to the Pakistani youth to be strong and passionate. EP firmly believes that a meaningful message can be conveyed through their music. Like their previous music videos, EP managed to give Pakistan a valuable message that the country is not inferior to any other.

EP is on the verge of success and it does not seem that they have any plans to go away from it.

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