Ali Zafar to play Cameo role in Tere Bin Laden sequel (Updated)


Ali Zafar in tere bin laden sequelWith other Bollywood sequels on the way, the sequel of Tere Bin Laden will be created too. And to our surprise, Ali Zafar will be appeared again in the sequel of Tere Bin Laden 3.

The original movie, directed and written by Abhishek Sharma and produced by Walkwater Media, is a parody created on Osama Bin Laden, and shows America’s war against terrorism and the dreadful 9/11 happening. After the critical acclaimed success of the satirical comedy, Tere Bin Laden, its sequel is now also planned. The producers will start working on the project on 2nd may. It is due to the reason that Osama Bin Laden was killed that day.

About this sequel the director Sharma said, “I cannot reveal the story of the sequel now. You guys have caught me too early. All I can say is that Tere Bin Laden 3 will be one of the most original sequels.” But why call it Tere Bin Laden 3? “We will have to name it such because Osama is dead and we are taking the story forward, that is, post Osama’s death,”

The sequel will be entitled as Tere Bin Laden 3 and Ali Zafar will play the lead role again in the sequel.

Update: 13th January 2013: Ali Zafar isn’t going to play the lead role instead he is going to give a special appearance in Tere Bin Laden Sequel.

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