Maha Ali Kazmi – Bhool Na (Listen/Download Mp3)



Artist: Maha Ali Kazmi
Song: Bhool Na
Music Arrangement & Mixing: Omran Shafique
Tribute to The Sequencers
Special Thanks to Salah and Misbah for letting me cover this beautiful song.

Growing up in the 90s there was a ray of hope. We seemed to be on the right track. Pakistan had won the world cup. Benazir had been elected into power which ushered in an explosion of popular arts culture. I am a 90s child. I reminisced about those times when my mother used to fetch me from school and we’d listen to Sequencers’ Bhool Na on our home. The song opens a window into my childhood and so I decided to cover the song as a tribute to my favorite Pakistani band and the platinum era of the 90s.


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Take a listen to the song below:

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