The Sketches Sindh Muhinji Amma (Download Audio)


The Sketches Sindh Muhinji Amma (Download Audio)

This our Sindhi National Song – We Dedicate this song to our loving & Peacefull People, Land, Language, Culture, Heritage, it’s villages and cities and People who fight for it’s rights and continuously restless in peaceful struggle and we dedicate this to our Hero and true Son of Soil ‘Martyred Bashir Khan Qureshi’ who gave his life during the peaceful struggle and we Salute him.

Artist: The Sketches
Song: Sindh Muhinji Amma (Sindh my Mother)

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Translation & Sindhi Lyrics – Sindh Muhinji

Wari Warando Wa, Wari Wasanda Meehnha
Sajan Milanda Sajane, Nawa Theenda Neenha
Wichore Ja Deenha Rahi Rahand Ketra

The airy weather of love will return
The rains of affection will come again
The loved ones will enjoy reunion
The days of separation will be over soon

Sindh Muhinji, Soonha tuhinjiya Mathaan
Cha Likhi Cha Likhaan
Hik Kalam Hikro Maa, Keeya Pooro Pawaan
Cha Likhi Cha Likhaan

Oh my mother Sindh, upon your splendour,
There is so much, I wonder what to write
How a pen and I could suffice,
There is so much, I wonder what to write

Tuhinje Manhun Khe Sene Main Sandhyo Watan
Tuhinje Lariyun Layun khe Maan chandan chawan
Shal Tuhinje Kukh Maan Piyo Har Har Jaman
KherU tuhinjo Piyan WerU Tuhinjo Thiyan

I keep your people close to my heart and soul
I also name your weeds and wild plants as sandalwood
I pray that I may be born of you again and again
I may get fed from you, fight for you and be a triumphant person

Hin Kadhe Te Kudyo Jo Abm Bar Aa,
KinH Ta Jejal jo Jani AkhyUn Thar Aa
Ho Jo Balak Subhani Jo Maimar Aa
Hun Je Bole Aan Lole Tan Sadke Wajan

At the bank of a river plays an innocent young soul
He is an adorable, beloved child of his mother
He is a hope for a bright tomorrow
I’ll sacrifice my life on his language and lullaby

HooA Ja Bewas Bukhan Te Marhe MandU The
AajU Bhe Jote AsUr Jo Uthe JandU The
Ja Garam Kher Main Pae Gade KhandU The
Un Suhagin Khe Maan KaaEan Na Sajdo Kayan

The one Oh! ‘Bewas’ who is hungry yet content
Handgrinds the flour err the day breaks and
Stirs some sugar in a glass of hot milk
Why shouldn’t I fall prostrate to such a devoted bride!

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