Coke Studio Arabia debuts in Middle East (Pics/Season 1 Trailer)


Coke Studio on MBCCoke Studio would become such a phenomenal success, not many people had an idea. Started first in Brazil, Coke Studio was  first successfully executed in Pakistan under the supervision of legendary rockstar Rohail Hyatt. Later, the same show was started in India with the name Coke Studio @ MTV.

But now Coke Studio has reached to another great level, as a similar show for Arab musicians and audience is going to launch very soon. The Coca-Cola Company has teamed up with MBC Group to launch its hit fusion music show ‘Coke Studio’ in the Middle East featuring top Arabic and international artists.

For this, Coke Studio Al-Arabia Season 1 Trailer has been released online and they are defining Coke Studio to middle eastern audience as:

Coke Studio proves, through music that local and international music are as good and as beautiful when fused together, that tradition doesn’t contradict modernity but makes it even better, that 2 different cultures can come together in a beautiful way and share a common core

The first episode of Coke Studio Arabia will debut on April 11,2012 on MBC1 at 18:30 GMT and 21:30 in Saudi Arabia featuring Nancy Ajram and Jose Galvez in a fusion of Oriental and Flamenco sound.

Coke Studio Arabia Musicians Line Up

It is interesting to note here that where Coke Studio Pakistan only promoted the local talent. this new Coke Studio Arabia is going to invite International musicians in its very first season to fuse the music with the local ones. What I am getting is, they will be inviting musicians from various countries and would give them a chance to collaborate with the local Arab musicians. One such international musician is Jay Sean to whom I just saw in the promo.

With the launch of Coke Studio Arabia , the perception of “us Pakistanis” should now be changed that “Coke Studio is ours” we had said it back then and we repeat it again today:

Coke Studio is an international phenomena! and just like Coco Cola Corporation, its also a multi-national music project. Though, there is no doubt Rohail Hyatt’s Coke Studio helped the show becoming such huge success that now the idea is being implemented in various continents of the World. But the ownership of the show is still with Coca Cola which deals in every part of the World and not in any specific domain.

Just like ours Coke Studio, we hope Coke Studio Arabia will also be such success that it would break all the language and cultural barriers and would come out more as a Universal stuff.

Watch now: Coke Studio بالعربي Season 1 Trailer



Update: Watch below the very first episode and performance in Coke Studio Arabia featuring Nancy Ajram with Jose Galves

Hali Hal حالي حال, Nancy Ajram & Jose Galves, Coke Studio بالعربي, S01E01


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