Farmhouse of Meera’s Mother Raided by Lahore Police for Illegal Activities


As if Meera was not alone sufficient in generating negative headlines, her mother has joined her daughter’s infamous league too. Recently on Wednesday, Lahore police raided farmhouse of Meera’s mother.

The raid was carried out as a result of the information provided to the police that the farmhouse is a place for conducting illegal activities. The raid resulted in arrest for ten people including three women who were caught in objectionable activities and the farmhouse manager Ghulam Abbas Dogar. The police also seized wine and other banned drugs from her farmhouse.

The police claimed that the farmhouse is owned by Meera’s mother Zahida Bukhari and she lent it to another man named Ali. However, she was not available for comment and neither was she present during the raid. The case has now been registered by the police and further investigation is underway.

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