Ali Zafar’s LPNY Cleared by Censor Board, Now in Cinemas


London Paris NewYork released in Pakistani CinemasRecently, the Censor Board cleared Ali Zafar’s new film offering with a U/A (Under Adult Supervision) certificate considering some of the adult content in it. Earlier it was being thought that it might get an Adult certificate which has cut off the younger demographics, but now the film could be seen by the ones it is being targeted it.

According to the CEO of Fox Star Studios India, Vijay Singh:

“The U/A certificate shows that the Censor Board has been progressive in its attitude. London Paris New York was never targetted at an adult audience but a younger age group. The film has been given a contemporary treatment keeping them in mind. It’s a sincere attempt to bring something different to the romantic comedy palette.”

The news is most of relief to the film’s producer, Goldie Behl, who said:

“The board has been kind in passing certain content in the film. It was an integral part of the plot as it conveyed the thoughts of today’s youth. I am glad that a creative and modern genre is being accepted.”

The film got released just yesterday, March 2. Ali Zafar said:

“The film defies stereotypes and dares to be different.”

Now only the audiences’ reaction would show how much the film is as what Ali Zafar had said.

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