Ali Zafar Wants to Compose Music for Other Films too


Ali Zafar is a multi-talented person there is no doubt in his abilities as a performer. But it is Ali himself who wants to maintain his strains into different fields of music. He wishes to compose music not just for his own films but for others too. Recently, during an interview to, Ali Zafar said:

“I hope people like my acting and music. Right now, I only want to sing for my own films where I play the lead. At a later stage I may consider composing and singing for films where I’m not on screen.”

Ali Zafar also put the rumour straight for the record and reveals that nothing has been planned regarding having Katrina Kaif sing along for his next music album. What would actually happened, for that we all have to wait for at least the next two years. Ali Zafar said:

“I won’t start recording for my album for at least two years. As for Katrina’s involvement on my album, I don’t know where that news came from. We jammed together during our last film. We love music and discussed a possibility of recording together but there is nothing planned. Both Aditi and Katrina are really dear to me. They’re musically inclined and talented girls. If they are willing to be part of my album a few years later, it will be my pleasure to have them onboard.”

Being such a great music player and a music fan himself, one wonders whom does he idolize. His style of singing has often been compared to the great Kishore Da. About his musical style and inspirations, Ali said:

“It is a big compliment for me when people compare me to Kishore Kumar because he is one man who I always look up to. He was so talented that I cannot dare to stand any closer to him. He was somebody who used to sing and act. Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, these are the people whom I idolise a lot. They have done movies and they used to sing songs. I just hope, in my small way, I can be somewhere close to these big names.”

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