Another Bollywood Actress models for a Pakistani Brand Crescent Lawn


Karisma Kapoor models for Crescent LawnA couple of days back we reported that Sonam Kapoor is now the brand ambassador of Pakistan’s Firdous Lawn. Now, another Bollywood actress has modeled for a Pakistani textile. This time, Crescent Lawn’s new collection is being represented by Karisma Kapoor, the former number actress of Bollywood before she left the industry to give her younger sister, Kareena Kapoor the space to take her roles.

Previously, Sushmita Sen was the brand ambassador for Crescent Lawn, which is the second clothing line to utilize services from Indian leading actresses after Firdous Lawn started the trend with Kareena Kapoor. She was then hired by Crescent Lawn to do the same. Now it is Karisma Kapoor to shine their prints.

With more Bollywood movies being released this summer in Pakistan, the textile industry knows how to market their product to the masses. This year’s collection has been designed by Faraz Menan who mentioned why Karisma was the right choice to market the campaign this year:

“Good design for me has always revolved around beautiful yet wearable fabrics. Staying true to my design philosophy, I have designed this collection as a fusion between the classic and the contemporary. This collection maintains the essence of tradition blended with practicality to fit the modern woman’s wardrobe. Karisma, the style and the style icon, perfectly embodies this collection.”

About working with Crescent Lawn, Karisma Kapoor said:

“Very few creative movements catch my interest. This collection, however, is very special. It has all the elements that define my style. Great designs and beautiful fabric. It has been a great experience wearing and representing Crescent Lawn.”

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