Ali Zafar Visited Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi, His Co-Singer Sanam Marvi Did So Earlier


During his promotional tour for London, Paris, New York, Ali Zafar made a surprise visit to the Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi according to a report in Times of India. He was simply dressed in jeans and a black jacket and met the dargah officials there. He later also offered prayers. To welcome him there, the Nizami brothers of Rockstar’s ‘Kun Faya’ fame, especially performed for him, as they are the official qawwals of the dargah.

The In-charge of the Dargah Sharif, Syed Afsar Ali said:

“Ali bhai ne subah humein phone kiya aur bataya ki woh Dargah Sharif aana chahte hain.”

About his visit to the dargha, Ali Zafar said:

“It was my first time at the Nizamuddin Dargah. I have heard a lot about it, but never got the opportunity to visit the place. It was lovely listening to the qawwali. I was in Delhi to promote my upcoming movie, isiliye baba ki duaein lene aaya tha unke dwaar par. Inshallah sabki kamnaye puri ho.”

Another visit at the dargah was made by Sanam Marwi who was in Dehli due to an invitation to perform at the wedding reception of the businessman Ponty Chaddha’s daughter earlier in February. Her visit was also unannounced. She will be making her music debut through LPNY.

Sanam Marvi said:

“This is my first trip to Delhi and I was looking forward to visiting many more places. I couldn’t have skipped the Nizammudin Dargah, though.”

About her visit Syed Afsar Ali Nizami said:

“Sanam visited the dargah on two days while she was here. She was extremely happy and told us that she will come back again with her family. She also promised that on her next trip, she’d want to sing at the dargah.”

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