Veena Malik is One of the Lowest Paid Actress in Bollywood


Despite all the antics that Veena Malik has gathered up her sleeves, she is one of the lowest paid actresses in Bollywood according to India’s entertainment website, She is cheaply hired and hence most Bollywood producers have shown no reluctance to get a low-paid actress to fill in a role. The website states:

“This might sound strange but the fact is that Veena Malik is one of the lowest paid actresses in town. Apart from her publicity stunts, the actress has no substantial work to talk about and now she has become the darling of every small time producer. It was surprising to know that the actress recently signed a film for just Rs 1 Lakh only.”

Being a mainstream lead actress, this is indeed an unfair amount. But life is full of ironies and more so for Veena Malik who lives off a rumour-mill. One wonders if being entitled as the ‘Controversy Queen’ or ‘Drama Queen’ makes any difference to her. But judging through her behavior she seemed satisfied with the ‘Queen’ part of the title as she is satisfied getting to work in Bollywood despite not given higher respectable price offers. She is more than willing to sell her ‘talent’ cheaply.

Putting herself in the negative limelight is a risk to her own self, but that expense of sacrificing her reputation comes to her native country. It shows some people operate in life without any consciousness of their other affiliations which are deeper than superficial ones like being called a ‘Queen’ of controversy and drama.

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