Meera Dramatises in Self-Created Quagmire


It seems like Meera has brought a whole deal of news-making trouble for her before stepping into her marriage. It has been reported that Captain Naveed Shahzad, Meera’s prospective husband, is already married and has a 2-year-old daughter as well. He got married to his first wife Sheeba in 2005 while in America. But when Meera entered his life, he abandoned her to settle down with the new found love in his life by divorcing Sheeba. But that is not the only twist in Meera’s love fantasy.

There is an antagonist who played a central role in keeping Meera controversial in 2008, when he claimed he is married to her. There are no points for guessing this antagonist as the world knows his reference clearly. He is Attiqur Rehman, who does not want the marriage to take place. Since the court’s decision is still pending, she cannot carry on with her current marriage plans.

For Meera, her marriage to Attiqur Rehman never took place and the documents he submitted as evidence were all fake. Hence, to deal with him she filed a lawsuit for blackmailing her. However, there is no stopping for Meera to not continue with her wedding preparations. She and Naveed met three years ago at his sister’s wedding in New York and since then both have fallen for each other. Naveed has also been reported to refer to her by her real name Rubab rather than the filmy name Meera. Yet as is the habit of Meera to always claim things otherwise, she said to the media that her marriage has been completely arranged by her family and that she is only complying willingly with their wishes.

In further twist of events, the expensive wrist-watch worth Rs.2 million which she was to gift Naveed had been stolen from house on Tuesday. She filed an application of theft that has been registered by the police, but the police officials say that it is all again antics played by Meera and there is nothing serious in this story. Meera is truly a ‘Real-life Drama Queen’ as she dramatises in self-created quagmire.

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