Mustafa Zahid is Excited to Sing for Bollywood, but Music Was Not Always His Passion


Mustafa ZahidPakistani pop singer Mustafa Zahid is not new to Bollywood as he had previously worked on such songs as Awaarapan, Toh fir ao, Tere mere rishta, Khuda kay liye and others. This time, Mahesh Bhatt had three of his songs in the new movie Blood Money. Mustafa said during an interview with an Indian newspaper that he thinks Pakistani music holds an influence in Bollywood.

He is currently in India, but will return to Pakistan shortly only to go back again to India for a show of his. The details of the schedule have not been planned as yet, but it will take place in Haryana and he is more than excitedly to perform for his fans there.

About his experience working on Blood Money, Mustafa said:

“I have enjoyed doing the soulful and melodious tracks in the movie Blood Money. I ‘m fond of rock fusion and hence have blended rock and Sufi music in the song tracks. The songs are composed on the storyline and it will be very catchy kind of music.”

About his experience in general in Bollywood, he said:

“It has been a rewarding experience. I couldn’t have expected more than this. It’s been a beautiful journey in Bollywood and it gives me a high when people walk up to me and remember my song.I seriously had no problems working in Indian music industry. I have learnt a lot and hope to carry it forward in future too.”

But singing in Bollywood is not all that he is up to. He will release his next music album soon along with his rock band Roxen.

One could never suspect that Mustafa Zahid who seems so much involved with his music, has not initially been this way. The most shocking of all is his confession that he never thought of being a singer. He explains why this is the case with him saying:

“I have a musical background, but had never imagined that I would ever get into music. I was known as a good debater in my school and college days and no one ever imagined that I would get into singing. It just happened all of a sudden. I remember I was hosting my college fest and there was a musical competition where I just hummed few lines, after which all my college staff and friends just encouraged me and pushed me into singing. Frankly, it was then that I decided to take up singing seriously. With no formal training in music I started playing the guitar and singing and composing my own songs. It’s very commonly seen in Pakistan, at every home kids know to play guitar and sing songs. So even for me, when I picked up playing the guitar it wasn’t that difficult and I picked it up fast.”

But he holds a lot of hope from Pakistani music industry and evaluates how he sees it saying:

“The Pakistan music industry is growing day by day and we saw a lot of changes over these years. Earlier Pakistan music would mean only Sufi music but now you have various elements in the music. Undoubtedly, Sufi music is very well appreciated all over the globe. But many still get confused with Sufi music; they actually don’t know the real meaning. Today there are lots of new upcoming Pakistani bands who play a lot of Sufi music, but that is not original, called Sufi music. It has lot of fusion and remixes. Original Sufi music is more soulful and spiritual and performed at dargahs and shrines. But now the trend has changed and the Pakistani music has included various new elements to make it more popular.”

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