Fawad Khan Becomes the New Brand Ambassador for Telenor TalkShawk


Fawad Khan becomes Brand Ambassador of Telenor TalkShawkRecently Fawad Khan appeared in a Telenor TalkShawk commercial as its brand ambassador. With the current success he has achieved due to his performance in the hit drama serial Humsafar he is a good choice to capitalize on. He has come a long way in his career as a performer by starting acting and then forming a band and then continuing where his appeal is at its best.

Being a charming face, he has appeared in many commercials of corporate brands including Mobilink, Pepsi and Olper’s Milk. Now Telenor TalkShawk has chosen him to keep their brand smart and appealing in advertisements. This is a huge opportunity as the previous brand ambassador, Ali Zafar, who already had his fame intact, got his break in Bollywood. Who knows, the same could happen to Fawad Khan.

Right now he is lined up with many projects here in Pakistan, but it is never too late to get on the bandwagon of Bollywood movies. When asked about his views of working in Bollywood, Fawad Khan said:

“I will only go for it if it [Bollywood movie] is based on a quality project. Otherwise, Pakistan is my first priority, and I love working for my country.”

It sure seems like the right thing to do when one is on the high in a television performance and Fawad Khan knows better of it.

Here is the new Telenor Talkshawk advertisement that is making waves across all Pakistani television channels these days:



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