Ali Zafar Twitter Account Got Hacked! (Updated)


    Ali Zafar on twitterAli Zafar, who is an active tweeter and social activist, has lost control over its twitter account today.

    Just moments ago, a weird tweet has been sent from Ali Zafar’s official account. Ali Zafar who tweets with the name @AliZafarsays recently posted this odd message:


    [quote type=”large” align=”center”] And I want all the credit now! @anonabagnale is not the hacker you fools!!! Its @nikunjbhuwalka!! Idiots [/quote]


    This indicates that some anonymous hacker(s) have managed to take over Ali Zafar Twitter account. The hacker further tried to promote himself in the tweet, saying:

    [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] I am @nikunjbhuwalka! And follow me please I am cool 🙂 @nikunjbhuwalka [/quote]


    Ali Zafar twitter account hacked

    It is also worth mentioning that rising bollywood actor Ali Zafar has almost 75,000 followers on twitter and he used to interact with them through that twitter account.

    Update: Ali Zafar’s Official Fan page sends an update on Facebook to its huge fan following, alerting them about the hacking attempt.

    ali zafar facebook update regarding twitter account hack

    Update 1: Ali Zafar’s Web Team finally manages to restore the Official twitter account @AliZafarSays . All the weird tweets have already been deleted.

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