Punjab Govt imposes ban on Concerts in educational institutes


Punjab Govt imposes ban on music concerts

Punjab Assembly has unanimously approved a resolution which seeks ban on “Objectionable” concerts in educational institutes of Punjab.

Exactly two weeks ago, in a tragic accident, 3 Girls died in Atif Aslam’s concert in Lahore due to mismanagement. As the news aired on news channel, many people showed concerns and opposed the growing culture of “concerts” in educational institutes. As a result of it, today a resoluton was passed by an MPA of opposition party Pakistan Muslim League-Q to ban such events in college and universities.

According to Express Tribune, The MPA of PML-Q – Seemal Kamran – while explaining the merits of bill said:

“Pakistan is an Islamic republic and permitting music concerts to take place in public and private educational institutions is against the morality and ethics of Islamic culture.”

Artists such as Ali Zafar and Ali Azmat came forward instantly and strongly protested against this resolution to ban events. Ali Zafar, after learning about this ban, tweeted on his account: “objectionable” concerts? Who will decide what is objectionable. For some jeans and long hair for men objectionable. For some no hair.

Ali Zafar further wrote on his twitter account that Banning something doesn’t solve a problem. Creates more. Numberless artists have done numberless concerts in numberless colleges in last many years. Safely and in the best of manner. One regretful-unfortunate mishap due to “mismanagement” cuts it all out. PAK is being mismanaged since decades. Should it be banned ?

On the other hand, the former lead vocalist of Junoon Band Ali Azmat called it a “regressive attitude” by Government. He feared that this is an attempt to talibanize Pakistan.

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