Laila Admitted to a Hospital Due to Heavy Drinking


Filmstar LailaJust today it has been reported that the actress Laila was admitted in Lahore National Hospital due to her heavy drinking. She was taken to an extensive care unit of the hospital where she was reportedly seen smoking. Her medical check-up was carried out by a psychiatrist. She confessed to the doctor that she had a heavy drink and also took a Nalbin injection due to depression.

It looks like she is in a lot of trouble in her life. The doctor also warned her of getting hepatitis disease due to use of the injection. These are very things that one should always avoid in life, no matter however hard the circumstances are.

The lives of a lot of working actors in the Pakistani film industry is difficult and it is understandable to go through hardships, but the solution to these should never be smoking, drinking or taking such drugs in self-medication because not only do these lead to bad addictions, but also are life-threatening. It all ruins a career for whatever chance that it has.

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